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Parasite Fast 2022

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury

“If the belly is distended,
then the worm war has not ended”

“If the belly is distended still,
the worm war shall go on until”

These are the thoughts I’m having on Day 43 of my fast.

Parasite Fast 2022

What of those who never get to this place?

TUESDAY, (FAST DAY 43 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 1,032 hours)
1:15am follow up coffee enema later than usual; 117.8lb to 118.2lb

If my hypothesis is correct, and that certain levels and depths of healing are time-specific and cannot be accessed without the necessary investment of time, nor can they be achieved through artificial means, then the sludge that is being released might never have been released through normal elimination and bowel movements despite the body’s perfect functioning. It also stands to reason, therefore, that at 43 days of caloric restriction and deprivation, I am purging, perhaps years, decades, perhaps a lifetime of accumulation!

What of people who NEVER fast for even a day? What of them? What of those who have parasites, are not symptomatic (until later years), and are never able to access healing on this level?

I need to see what exists on the other side of this.

Parasite Fast 2022

Day 40 Assessment!

SUNDAY, (FAST DAY 41 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 984 hours)
6:00am 118.8lb
11:20am coffee enemap; 118.8lb to 121.2lb to 118.6lb
while not explicitly stated for the past several days, the coffee enema has consistently been: 1heaping tbsp SAWilson’s coffee + eucalyptus leaves + neems leaves + 12drops H2O2; preceded by a fleet enema bottle filled with about 2tbsp castor oil + 12drops black seed oil + 2-3drops clove oil + 5drops eucalyptus oil + 1capsuleWormwood; held for 12-15minutes; 3min on back, 6min on right side; 3 minutes on back and then left side to encourage movement back across transverse colon and descending colon.
5:00pm I slept for a few hours during the day and felt a surge of energy and woke up at about 5ish!
11:25pm coffee 119.6 to 119.6lb; all worms, but jelly worms and long thin worms. None of the fatter rope worms this time. No sludge, just worms.

Day 40 ended yesterday at 3:45pm. Here is a full accounting of how I feel, what I am experiencing, some speculation, predictions and conclusions:

• Creativity & Productivity are set to “11!”
Life rhymes, book/product ideas, change.org petitions and site design projects are piling up faster than I can actually get to them!
(a) WaltGoodridge.com/store revamp of all products
(b) Parasite Fast manuscript
(c) Revitalade™ idea
(d) Release & update all my titles on bn.com as paperback & Nook editions

• Math Memory visitation
For no discernible reason, I’m recalling some mathematical constants and formulas (I’ll look them up now to see if I’m correct!)
(a) Avogadro’s number: 6.02 x 10(23)
(b) numerator portion of the quadratic equation: plus or minus SqRt b(2)-4ac
(c) mole (unit of measurment; can’t yet recall the number, but perhaps if I fast long enough, my entire science/mathematical education will come back to me

• Fit to breed!
My morning compass seeks true north (for several hours during the night) and hangs heavy during the day (no “shrinkage!”)

• Head shaking energy

• Boxing energy

• Singing energy

• Pull-up energy

• Improved mood & interpersonal interaction

• Eyes DO look a bit whiter and a little less glassy, but not yet bright white

• Thumping returned for a while, but seems to be disappearing again

• Body odor (though of a slightly different type) flared for a while

Parasite Fast 2022

Day 40 begins! Biblical?

It would be nice, convenient, potentially poetic and downright biblical if I were able to declare the worms eliminated and biome secured at the end of a fast of “forty days and forty nights!” (From the book of Genesis: “Seven days from now I will send rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights, and I will wipe from the face of the earth every living creature I have made.”)  Let’s hope my own version of a 40-day water deluge will wipe from the biome every living parasite therein!

What I can tell you is that at the end of Day 39 (this morning), as a result of the castor oil/hot water flush, I experienced the most massive, cleansing, perspective-shifting release to date (again, it’s all being photographed and filmed for who knows what ultimate purpose), and felt the lightest, most present, most liberated I’ve ever felt!

What I can add is that the follow-up coffee enema (the SAWilson’s coffee arrived at the post office just in time) produced a surprisingly light release with no worms, only white worm jelly. It’s now 7:00pm (3 hours and 15minutes into Day 40). I’ll be going to bed in a few hours and will report back tomorrow! Here is my journal from this morning

FRIDAY,  (FAST DAY 39 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 936 hours)
4:19am 118.4lb
Wow! After last night’s blob release, this morning is the lightest and weightless I’ve felt…ever! They eyes opened easier.
5:44am 118.0lb, then 1cup hot water
6:03am 2cups warm water
6:21am 2cups warm water
9:05am first release: 119.6 to 117.4 (2.2lbs!)
Wow! Another humongous release!
11:56am 116.8lb after errands
5:00pm coffee enema; worm jelly

That such volumes of sludge would still be within and still be emanating after 39 days of no food intake would surely have strained the bounds of credulity had I not personally experienced it and thus seen it with my own eyes. So, while it borders on the inexplicable, and though doubts arise as to what, if any, unknown forces and mechanisms may be at play in producing this seemingly never-ending proliferation of worms and their mire from within so small a physical frame as mine with its finite boundaries, I must hold steadfast to my conviction–based on the inarguable evidence of my own senses–that I am indeed getting better.
• my morning compass seeks true north with renewed strength
• my weight is, in fact, slowly going down (now at 118-119lb)
• my social disposition and inter-personal interaction is definitely improving
• my eyesight is getting even more acute (crossword puzzles)
• my eyes feel “cooler” on a day to day basis, and after each release

If, as is my fear to which I’ve alluded above, the colony is replenishing itself even as I seek to eliminate it, that fear does not seem to be supported by the unmistakable and overall improvement and feeling of wellbeing to which my own senses attest. At the same time, however, there is other evidence that suggests I’m definitely not finished:
• body odor returned and fluctuated these past few days
• thumping in lower legs returned these past few days
• thumping this morning in the chest

Parasite Fast 2022

Day 39: The Bounds of Credulity

That such volumes of sludge would still be within and still be emanating after 39 days of no food intake would surely have strained the bounds of credulity had I not personally experienced it and thus seen it with my own eyes. So, while it borders on the inexplicable, and though doubts arise as to what, if any, unknown forces and mechanisms may be at play in producing this seemingly never-ending proliferation of worms and their mire from within so small a physical frame as mine with its finite boundaries, I must hold steadfast to my conviction–based on the inarguable evidence of my own senses–that I am indeed getting better.

• my morning compass seeks true north with renewed vigor

• my weight is, in fact, slowly going down (now at 118-119lb)

• my social disposition and inter-personal interaction is definitely improving

• my eyesight is getting even more acute (crossword puzzles)

• my eyes feel “cooler” on a day to day basis, and after each release

If, as is my fear to which I’ve alluded above, the colony is replenishing itself even as I seek to eliminate it, that fear does not seem to be supported by the unmistakable and overall improvement and feeling of wellbeing to which my own senses attest. At the same time, however, there is other evidence that suggests I’m definitely not finished:
• body odor returned and fluctuated these past few days
• thumping in lower legs returned these past few days
• thumping this morning in the chest

The journey continues!

Parasite Fast 2022

DAY 32: Castor oil flush

FRIDAY, (FAST DAY 32 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 768 hours)
3:52am 121.2lb
5:10am castor oil and lemon; 2tbsp plus 1 frozen capsule
5:45am 1cup hot water
6:03am 2cups warm water
6:22am 2cups warm water
7:00am first release; log-like solid; 123.0lb to 122.8lb
hot lemonade
9:06am release to 122.8lb
9:25am release to 121.8lb (1lb)
11:51am BM 121.2 to 120.6lb
3:00pm coffee enema: Kirkland coffee; preceded by castor oil + wormwood + 12dropsBIONATAL + 2dropsCloveOil; 120.8lb back down to 121.0lb;

• There’s been no body odor for the past 3 days. There has been no discernible thumping over that same period. I believe the two are related. I believe that when the worms thump, it is because they are agitated and dying off. This die-off causes the body odor. I feel confident concluding, therefore, that through this 30plus-day fast, that I have allowed the body to dissolve, digest, autolyze the worms in the tissues and that I have passed them in the many sludge-like enema releases that are still occuring.

• My waking weight has been hovering around 120lb over the past few days. This is unusual. It should be around 116.0lb. In search of a possible explanation, it is possible it is all the extra, extra lemonade I’ve been drinking. It could simply be water weight. I hear the sloshing around in my stomach, AND I wake up several times during the night to urinate. I hope it’s not a blockage of the small intestine or colon that is causing the retention. I’ll have to wait and see.

Parasite Fast 2022

UPDATE: Yes, of course I kept going! This photo explains why.

I suppose one could have easily predicted it. I’m still going forward with the parasite fast, and I’m now on Day 32. This photo will explain why.

Now, I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this before, but on Day 30, it finally occurred to me that at some point in the future, I might look back fondly at this moment in time and reminisce about those days BC (Before Clean). I’ll tell folks about it, and they’ll say, “Worm?? Show us proof!”

So, that’s what I’ve done! Fortunately, if it can be called fortunate, after days and days of worm-filled releases, and then days of their apparent “disappearance,” one lone but long worm showed up, and I resolved to preserve it! I searched online, discovered that 70-80% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) would work, so I headed out to get some more appropriately-sized bottles to perform my collection. I found a video online about how to preserve “soft” specimens like bugs and larvae. It explained that a few seconds of “blanching” in nearly boiling water would be necessary in order to “fix” the internal organs and prevent deterioration while immersed in the alcohol. I’ll spare you any more details, but here’s the final result:

CONCLUSION: So, even though I was on Day 30, as long as vermin like “Wendell” here were still in my body, I need to keep going until I am free and clear with some sort of proof (yes, proof of a negative) that there are no others lurking in the tissues, tunnels, crannies and crevices of my biome!

Parasite Fast 2022

DAY 31: No fanfare. The deed is done.

Interestingly, I eased silently past the end of the 30 day milestone unnoticed. I was busy working on my fixing the email sending functionality of my 4 blogs and when I looked at the clock, it was about 4:15pm!

No worries, the goal was to keep going, so keep going is what I did! I am now in the middle of DAY 31. However, just for the record:

“I successfully completed a 30-day extended, no-food fast on Sept 21, 2022!”

There. The matter has been affixed into history.  More to come!


Parasite Fast 2022

Day 29: My 2 Options for tomorrow

In about three and a half hours, I will be easing into Day 30 of my parasite fast. Twenty-four hours after that, I will be ending that monumental day and will allow myself a few seconds to enjoy the personal triumph and to prepare a brand new entry to insert into the story of me!

But what then? Normally, to mark the end of a fast, I would drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice as a way to jumpstart the digestive system. However, even if I were to break this fast, I’ve decided that this time around I’ll take a different approach and break it with a more greens-based broth of some sort so that I don’t start feeding any lingering worms with fruit sugars. However, even before then, I have a more important big decision to make. Here are my two options:

OPTION 1: Keep going! There are quite a few reasons I might simply keep fasting. (a) There’s still solid stuff being released, so I know there’s more inside. If there is indeed more elimination to be done, I must take advantage of this Stage 5 level of healing power that I have now accessed. To give that up now and go back to “zero” after having gone 30 days “into the past” would be a missed opportunity. (b) I feel like I should experience at least a day or two fully in Stage 5. Why? Just so that I can say I did. Again, it would be a shame to come this far and stop just at the transition point.

OPTION 2: Start the liquid-only transition. Another option is to break the fast with the cleansing, nutritive broths (still no solids) for the six-day transition that is advised (1 day transition for every 5 days of fast). In that way, I might still be able to avail the benefits of no digestion rest while still providing nutrition. However, I’m not even sure if that’s a thing. In other words, it is possible that the tremendous releases and healing I’ve experienced are due not only to the absence of solid food to digest, but also the absence of nutrition to assimilate. Consequently, I would be giving that up by starting the broths.

You can probably predict what I’m likely to do. So can I, but I’ll let you know definitely in a little over 24 hours from now! Stay tuned.


3:38am 119.6lb

5:02 castor oil in

5:42 1cup hot water

6:00am 2cups warm water

6:22am 2cups warm water

6:50-7am 3 releases:
121.2lb to 120.4lb (0.8lb) then to 120.2 then to 119.6lb!

7:47am another release: to 119.0lb

8:20am another release: to 118.6lb; liquidy mush

9:45am Epsom salt bath: half hour; to 118.0lb to 117.6lb

11:32am 116.8lb

6:00pm coffee enema: coffee + 10dropsH2O2 + 1tbspPOTASSIUM (preceded by fleet enema with castor oil + 5dropsEucalyptus + 3dropsCloveOil + 1capsuleWormwood + 1capsulePaud’arco + 5dropsPUMPKINSEED OIL) 118.4 to 120.8lb to 118.2lb

• eyes were definitely easier to open
• whites of eyes do look whiter and not as glassy
• body smells great!
• not any noticeable thumping today during the bath

• the urge to crunch is definitely less after Day 29 castor oil flush

As far back as 2012 when I went to Jamaica, I had the issue of the body odor when not eating. Additionally, my first colonic (2006?) with Doinette revealed worms in the release bucket. So, while the worms individually may be the descendants of an earlier generation, the colony itself appears to have been ongoing since for many years, possibly as far back as 2006! If that’s the case, then what I have achieved by eliminating the source of the body odor (worm die-off) through a 30-day fast and purge, is very significant–and could offer a somewhat plausible explanation as to why there is still stuff coming out after 30 days of nothing going in!

Parasite Fast 2022

Day 28: Listening to My Body

Day 27 is coming to a close in about six hours. That will be 624 hours without solid food! Over the past three days, however, I’ve been thinking more and more about breaking the fast because of certain messages my body has been sending.

(c) First, the tongue has been a healthy pink upon waking.

(b) The “empty morning feeling” has been getting more pronounced and undeniably there. Whether that is actually “the return of hunger” as taught by Shelton is still up for debate in my mind.

(c) I’ve definitely been having dreams about eating food (in the context of other products of my subconscious mind’s activity). I once read that dreams of food is definitely a sign of the body’s messaging. Additionally, I can remember the contexts of the dreams long after I’m awake.

However, the latest, and perhaps most compelling sign is the fact that my hair and fingernals seem to be receding. After weeks of seeming to be growing, the nails (more noticeably on the left hand) are definitely less than before. It could simply be to them tearing during activities (like the workshop I did yesterday), but combined with the hairline changes, I’m inclined to think that the body is shifting into a new mode akin to a “conservation of resources.”

Now, at the same time, my energy level is extremely high! I just did a 3+ hour workshop standing up, no breaks, and no tiredness afterwards. We’ll see.

Parasite Fast 2022

Day 26: The Big Question Remains

It’s now day 26. I just passed another huge blob. Nothing but good is resulting. I can see it in my eyes. I can feel it in my energy level and the lightness of my step. I can see it in the glow in the skin. However, even with the verifiable progress; even with the hundreds of worms now dissolving in the sewers rather than in proliferating in my bowels, a single question still remains. It is a question that has haunted me since day one. As I approach what will likely be day thirty of my parasite fast, that question will likely remain. That question is: Will it be enough?

Will it be enough? Phrased a different way: Will (can) the pathogen load be eliminated? If not, can it be reduced sufficiently such that the body’s natural defenses can keep the worms at bay? Can I prevent any dormant worms or unhatched eggs from simply sparking a re-proliferation within my system? Will it be enough? That’s the big question. Unfortunately, only time will tell me the answer. Stay tuned.

Parasite Fast 2022

Where is all this sludge coming from 22 days into a water fast????

I’ve personally experienced, and always shared with others that they shouldn’t be surprised 14 days into a water fast if they still experience solid bowel movements or foul smelling sludge being released with their enemas. So, this is occurrence is something I am indeed aware of.

However, I am now 22 days into my latest parasite fast and it’s frankly fascinating (i.e. astonishing) the amount of “sludge” being released with each coffee enema or castor oil flush. I remind you, I have not eaten any solid food in the past 22 days! Where is all this stuff coming from??? Let’s discuss.

Aside: I have not yet decided if I’ll share the photos and videos I’ve been taking of the sludge and worms in my toilet bowl each day (I may put them on a Patreon account or make them password-accessible or “by demand only.”) To me, those images represent a reason to celebrate. For others, it may be something much too gross for them to see on a public site. So, if you have any thoughts or the desire to see them, let me know and I’ll see what I can do (leave a comment). 

Now, back to the sludge. My first fear upon being confronted with the sheer volume was, “Oh, no! I hope the worms aren’t reproducing and creating this sludge faster than I am killing and removing them!” However, I don’t think that’s the case because (a) my energy levels, (b) peace of mind, (c) mental clarity and (d) visual acuity are all improving, and my weight and distended abdomen are, in fact, going down each day (some of the weight loss may be due to muscle mass depletion, of course). So, overall, my physical, emotional and mental states are noticeably improving, so the vermin are not reproducing faster. So, if that’s not the case, then again, where are they coming from???

Because my deep enemas are cleaning out the lower descending colon and quite possibly the transverse colon as well (i.e. the large intestine), I believe all this gunk is coming from the small intestines. Food travels from the stomach, then into the small intestine, and then up, across and down the large intestine on its way to the rectum and anus. For situational context, here is how the large intestine appears relative to the small. :

Now, the small intestine is about 22 feet long with lots of twists and turns and folds. I grabbed some images to explain:
That’s a significant length of “tubing” that could hold a lot of sludge.

Second, within the cross-section of the tubing (below), there are lots of nooks and crannies– villi and the spaces between them–which could hold even more worms and their sludge. I won’t attempt to calculate it, but the total surface area and hiding places are likely tremendous!

Additionally, when the worms are inside the body, they are likely compacted and tightly packed and only expand and appear larger when they die, combine with the psyllium husk I sometimes take, and/or hit the air and water on their way out and into the toilet bowl.

Therefore, when all that is taken into account, it may not be all that surprising that so much “stuff” is in there and coming out now!  Astonishing? Perhaps. Discouraging? No! This sort of thorough, comprehensive release and cleansing is precisely what I was hoping for! The goal of this or any other fast is to get the entire digestive and eliminative tract squeaky clean! That requires removing as much sludge as possible. After all, you can’t reboot your system if it’s not clean first.

Therefore, my job is simple: I must maintain the fast in order to take the body further into deeper levels of cleaning and healing so that even more of the sludge is shed, makes its way through the intestine, and eventually far enough down the descending colon to exit on its own, or, I can go in and pull it out with the help of the deep coffee enema!

More to come!

Addendum (a day later):

It also just occurred to me that the sludge may also be due in part to the worm die-off that is taking place in tissues and other organs of the body. This may be supported by (a) the increase in body odor over the past few days, (b) the reduction in the “thumping” in other parts of the body. After all, once the worms are autolyzed, they have to end up somewhere to be eliminated from the body.  Makes sense to me!

Licensed by attribution:
From: https://courses.lumenlearning.com/suny-nutrition/chapter/3-4-small-intestine

Kansas State University Human Nutrition Flexbook. Authored by: Brian Lindshield. Provided by: Kansas State University. Located at: http://goo.gl/vOAnR. License: CC BY: Attribution

Parasite Fast 2022

Day 21 of Parasite Fast. Update: Within minutes, I tell you!

Day 21 began at 3:45pm (480 hours). Within less than two hours afterwards, a newsense of well-being descended upon me!

Perhaps it took a while for the effects of the two releases of earlier that day to propagate throughout my system. However, it’s important to note that, according to the Stages of Fasting infographic: “After day 20, there is heightened mental clarity and emotional balance and memory and concentation improve.”

I then went to bed.

During the night, I had frequent trips to urinate. It’s obvious that the body was ridding itself of something. It was clear in color and the strength of the stream appeared to be a little stronger.

I woke at 3:00am. My eyes were much easier to open! I checked my email, then went back to bed.

I rose again at 5:02am at 117.0lbs! There’s body odor, which indicates there is worm die-off.  More to come!

Parasite Fast 2022

Day 20: Once and for All!

“Once and for all!” That’s the mantra that is helping me steel my resolve to see this latest parasite fast through to its desired outcomes.

After dealing with this issue for several years, I am–to quote an oft-used phrase–“sick and tired of being sick and tired!”

On the positive side, I absolutely know I am making progress in the right direction. After 20 days, my energy level is high, my face is not as drawn as it was at similar points in previous fasts. The nature and amount of stuff that is released with each deep enema is encouraging; the volume is less and the color is lightening. The release of “the blob” a few days ago was a major milestone and turning point.

The challenge, however, is that I’m scheduled to give a three-hour presentation in exactly 6 days. I can definitely function well in terms of energy and mental acuity, but I’m concerned that I may simply look way too skinny! Hear me out. My usual weight is about 133lb. Now, as of this morning, it is 118.8lb and has been as low as 117.0lb. I know it’s vanity, but I’d like to appear fit and healthy for the event. However,  if I continue the fast, then by the morning of the event I’ll have fasted 26 days–just shy of 30 days, which would be a new record for me, AND might just be what I need to really fix this issue.

I could end the fast tomorrow (Day 21) and use the next 5 days to transition and build up my weight and appearance, or keep going in the interest of what I hope will be deeper levels of healing and more thorough cleaning…once and for all!

I’ll let you know that I decide.

p.s. Speaking of “once and for all,” I wrote a life rhyme about it. Wanna read it? Here it goes!


ONCE AND FOR ALL (Life Rhyme #500!)

Once and for all I’ve reached the goal
for which I’ve always striven
I’ve cracked the code and walk the path
with those who too are driven

Once and for all I’ve blocked their troops
from seizing more terrain
The landscape is now free and clear
I’m rid now of life’s bane

Once and for all I got it done
crossed off the list for good
Now on to bigger, better things
I’ve always wished I could

Once and for all I’ve hit the mark
the bullseye has been breached
With steady hand, and aim quite sure
there’s more now within reach

Once and for all I proved a point
the point I came to make
That norms are powerless to bind
and molds are made to break

Once and for all let’s get ‘er done
a brand new you awaits
Once you resolve to stay the course
through dim and dire straits

Once and for all now shackle-free
of rules I came to flout
My purpose found, my mission met
that’s what life’s all about

So once, and for all who’ve labored long
I’ll share this truth I’ve learned
That victory belongs to those
who strive until it’s earned


Parasite Fast 2022

Day 18: I felt it in the transverse colon!

FRIDAY (FAST DAY 18 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 432 hours)
• 1 cup of water every hour starting at 11:00am 11,12,1,2,3,4,5,6: 8x 8oz = 64oz
4:50am 117.8lb

10:00am 116.8lb

10:10am coffee enema: coffee + 10dropsH2O2 ; preceded by 12dropsBIONATAL (2clove oil and 5eucalyptus oil) + castor oil + 1capsule wormwood + 1capsuleNeem; 116.8lb to 117.0lb; more bloblike stuff; photo & video

6:14pm 118.8lb

6:15-6:45pm MMSInsideOut; 22min then 22min in bed;

• Eyes do, in fact, look a little whiter
• Felt some thumping in various muscles in the legs and arms. (worms agitated)
• Spasms during the day and night even while simply resting (worms agitated)
• body odor more noticeable, but disappeared later in the day


• This was the first time I felt the coffee trickling across the transverse colon; further indication that the passageway is cleaner
• It makes sense that the craving for sugar (in the form of maple syrup lemonade) dropped to zero after the blob expulsion. I’ve done only water these past two days and am likely to continue unless I decide to go back to the psyllium husk experiment.

• The extra water will help with the cleansing; and likely body odor

Parasite Fast 2022

Day 17: The Blob Returns

THURSDAY,  (FAST DAY 17 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 408 hours)
3:40am 119.0lb
5:09am castor oil in
5:45am 1cup hot water
6:05am 2cups warm water
6:25am 2cups warm water
8:40am release: 121.2lb to 120.0lb
10:55am 119.8lb
12:40 coffee enema: coffee + 10dropsH2O2 ; preceded by 12dropsBIONATAL, 2clove oil and 5eucalyptus oil + 1capsule wormwood + 1capsuleNeem; 120lb to 120.0lb; more bloblike stuff; photo & video

• As predicted, another major release!
• felt very light-footed all morning
• Zero thirst for the lemonade!
• Minimal desire to crunch on chips (without swallowing)

• The castor oil–taken orally-induces contractions of the small intestine; taken rectally, it appears to induce contractions in the lower colon; that was likely the intent of the Gerson therapy instructions to follow the 5:00am morning castor oil, with a 10:00am coffee enema with castor oil. This time I used an amount more in alignment with Gerson instructions and the results were amazing–it contained smaller blob that was likely a carry-over from the morning release that was “stuck” in the lower colon.

Parasite Fast 2022

Day 15: The Blob. This is what is aging me

3:00am 121.0lb
5:00am 120.8lb
5:10am 3tbsp castor oil in with lemon juice + 1 capsule of frozen castor oil
5:40am 1cup hot water
6:00am 2cups warm water
6:20am 2cups warm water
120.8l before castor oil/water -> 122.4 to 120.4lb!! (2lbs
1:11-1:25 coffee enema: coffee + 12dropsH2O2 + 1=2tbspPotassium; preceded by 10dropsBIONATAL (forgot the clove oil and eucalyptus oil) + 1capsule wormwood + 1capsuleNeem; 120.4lb to 120.4lb.8b; SEVERAL long worms + black psyllium/charcoal blob!photo & video;120.4 to 120.4lb; first time that beginning weight = end weight
3:30-4:00pm MMSInsideOut; 119.6 to 118.8/119.0; jelly worms
8:17pm 117.2lb
9:25pm lemonade + 1neem + 1wormwod + 2Mimosa
11:01pm 1tsp BIONATAL + honey + ACV

• Eyes–particularly the left one–were easier to open this morning at 3:00am.

• fresh smelling underarm
• even lighter step
• pain in fingers only in right hand; primarily middle finger

EVENING OBSERVATIONS (first 8 hours of Day 16)
• Head is definitely clearer.
• Tongue is wider and pinker.
• Body feels and steps lighter.
But I can still feel a little toxicity in the eyes. Progress has DEFINITELY BEEN MADE!

It’s true that when I did the first worm-targeted fast back at RJ Apartments, that I was still releasing worms (clay, psyllium, charcoal + hot water) up to days 15, 16 and 17. However, I believe (and hope) this time is different because the energy level is much higher this time. Back then, I was really drained and drawn. This time, I have boxing energy and chin-up strength!

I imagine that everything that came out today would eventually have made its way out of my system even without the castor oil. However, I fully believe that it would have taken at least 5 days for that to happen. I believe I’ve leap frogged at least 5 days (release-wise) back through the time tunnel.

At the same time, it makes me more concerned about the absolutely necessity and success of maintaining the gain and making sure that the worms do no re-colonize once the tract is emptied and once I resume eating.

• This is what was aging me.
• This is what was blocking my colon.
• This is why the food was not being digested properly and formed normally as stool.
• This is what was causing the body odor (none since!)

• Since the castor oil activates peristalsis in the small intestine, I surmise that the blob was from that tract, which would be good because that section has likely been overlooked for a long time. I suspect that the weakened worms were more easily detached and shed because of the 15-day deprivation of food.

• I predict there will be at least 1-2 similar massive, cleansing releases in the next several days.

Parasite Fast 2022

DAY 14: Heading into Stage IV

MONDAY,  (FAST DAY 14 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 336 hours)
5:22am 121.4lb

9:00am coffee enema: coffee + 12dropsH2O2 + 1tbspPotassium; preceded by 12dropsBIONATAL + 5dropsEucalyptus + 2dropsCloveoil + 1capsule wormwood + 1capsuleNeem; 121.0lb to 121.8b; SEVERAL long worms + black psyllium/charcoal blob!photo & video;
3:45pm Day 15 begins! Body odor increases = die-off is occurring

• After today’s enema: boxing energy and chin up strength (I did 5!)
• The sequence is (a) body odor & spasms followed by (b) greater release of worms the next day.
• I expect that the volume of worms released in the next few days will increase as I head into Stage IV
• It’s slow, but I can feel the eyes (particularly the left peripheral) improving a bit each day.
What I’m doing appears to be working. Primarily, however, I believe the fast is the primary factor for the expelling of the worms. I am also doing
• coffee enemas
• wormwood + neem
• black seed oil
but again, I think the deprivation of food and the advanced healing and detoxification modality set in motion by the 14-day fast are what is responsible for the weakening and release of the worms.
• facial symmetry is getting better

Parasite Fast 2022

DAY 13: I am winning!

SUNDAY,  (FAST DAY 13 ENDS AT 3:45pm: 312 hours)

6:00am lemonade with activated charcoal and 1tsp psyllium

10-10:12am coffee enema: coffee + 12dropsH2O2 + 1tbspPotassium; preceded by 12dropsBIONATAL + 5dropsEucalyptus + 2dropsCloveoil + 1capsule wormwood + 1capsuleNeem; 121.2lb to 120.lb; SEVERAL long worms!photo & video;

11:23pm 1tsp BIONATAL with honey and ACV

• With no food for almost 14 days, there’s nothing else to be released except the worms; and they definitely are being released! It is both encouraging and shocking. Encouraging, of course, that they are ending up in the toilet and not in my body, but also shocking that such a relatively small frame such as mine could still be hosting and feeding such vile-smelling gunk at this point, AND that–were it not for the fast–would still be inside me probably never to emerge. I expect that as I enter Stage 4, that they will continue to be released. There’s no way I can stop now! There’s too much at stake. My future health depends on commitment. I am winning!

• The body odor emanating from the pores and underarm has definitely decreased, which indicates to me that the gut-bound and tissue-bound parasite load is decreasing (i.e., the die-off is less). I suspect it could increase at any time, of course, until the stomach and small intestines are free and clear.